After a long cold week departures started to reach the upper 50’s in central Alabama. Today we headed east to Logan Martin Lake the Coosa River reservoir was built in 1965 by Alabama Power Company.


As we launched the boat on the south end of the lake the water clarity was stained and dirty we needed to find clearer water. Hammer down! 60mph for 45mins is a long run to find clear water, as we approached our first spot shad were schooling on the graph with bass suspended between 11ft and 6ft.


The weapon of choice was Arashi Square bill crank bait in Wakasagi color (aka rainbow trout) caught a few on cranking the switched over to flipping docks. The key here was the shaded area of the docks that produced most of the bites. Water temp out deep ranged from 47-49 degrees and the shallow end reached up to 52 degrees.


Water Clarity: South end (Dirty,Stained) North end (Clear up to 3ft)

Technique: Cranking Suspended fish, Flipping boat docks


Article by Adam Curtis