Finally after a long drive and getting off to a late start we headed for the launch ramp at Lake Oroville and as we drove down the gravel road it seemed like it was never gonna end finally there were to orange cones and a long down hill slope approximately 150 yards to a little old dock. With post front conditions Mark started with a Revenge under spin with a Keitech paddle tail I quickly got after the spotted bass using a new bait by Jackson Quon, its a  money bait line out of Japan, as the day went on the jig started catching a few quality fish and the jig of choice was also made by Jackson Quon this jig is true tungsten head hand tied and it has a stout hook it’s perfect for these spotted bass, as the day ended we were excited we were gonna get to fish one more day.We started the second day it was not gonna be the same conditions as day two was prefrontal conditions with overcast skies and a light wind, water temp dropping 2 degrees to 54 and slightly stained Mark started the day with a Revenge spinner bait and started crushing spots and with a storm rolling in the fish were scattered throughout the water column as the sun tried to pop out in the late morning the jig bite turned back on defiantly catching the quality fish, if you plan on pre fishing for many of the up coming tournaments you must launch at the dam and have a 4×4 hope this can point you in the wright direction.