If you are a kayak angler than you are aware that wind can be our kryptonite. Even though windy days can be beneficial for certain baits like spinner baits and crank baits, strong winds can keep a kayaker off the water in a heart beat. Fighting the wind is a pain. Period. But thanks to the Power Pole Micro Anchor the wind can be less bothersome. The Micro Anchor is the first battery powered shallow water anchoring system specifically made for small water crafts like kayaks or john boats. By the press of a button the micro anchor will have you stopped in your desired location. The way the Micro Anchor works is there are two parts. One is the micro anchor unit which is the brain of the machine. The unit is where the electricity runs to and where the spike is placed. The other part to the micro anchor is the spike. The spike is the part that holds you in place when anchored down. My favorite thing about the Micro Anchor is that its extremely quite so when powering down the spike you do not have to worry about spooking the fish. Also the easy to use remote system can be used by any one. The wireless remote can be worn around your neck or you have a wireless dash switch that can be placed anywhere on your vessel. For me the micro anchor is a huge game changer whether your enjoying the afternoon fishing with a buddy or if you are competing neck to neck with fellow anglers in a tournament.