Well spring has sprung in South Carolina. 5 fish for 21lbs was good enough for 14th place in the South Carolina Low Country Fishers of Men qualifier #2. That’s just a testament to the type of fishery Santee really is. If u haven’t been, put it on ur bucket list!
All five fish came on Spro Bronze Eye frog, fished on a 7’3″ heavy Duckett Ghost rod with a Lews Super duty 8:3:1 reel. When frog fishing a good heavy rod and fast gear ratio reel is a must to really burry those hooks, and drag that fish out of the thickest nasty cover imaginable. The most important thing when fishing a frog is a good heavy braided line. I choose 60-80 lbs power pro braid in moss green. Personally I haven’t found a better braided line than power pro. It’s affordability, castibity, and strength are second to none. Walking the frog is also very important this time of year. U do this by twitching your rod while pointed at the frog with slack in the line. The more slack the more side to side motion and less foward retrieve. When the bass are bedding it is crucial for the frog to stay in one place (under the tree or dock, or beside the stump or blowdown, or in the hole in the middle of the grass mat) and still have movement on the bait to entice a strike. Sometimes a single cast can last 2 minutes, but that one cast has the potential to yield a huge strike! Don’t be shocked when the frog just gets sucked under without a splash and it’s a 6+ lbs green back, or as we call them swamp donkeys! The Spro Bronze eyes or glide it is by far the best frog for this application. The walking motion you get out of the Spro is amazing. You can actually make the bait turn around and look the other way! They are made to last. The counter weight stays in the bait and the hooks are sticky to say the least! In the spring I like dark colors, even solid black. A little orange in the belly is a huge plus to me. I feel this imitates a bream or bluegill best, and bedding fish flat hate those lol. If the fish are feeding on shad, light colors seem to be the trick. A white or light blue belly will flat get it done in these situations. Lastly u NEED a trolling motor that can get you to the fish! The Fortrex 101 is the only one on the market as far as I am concerned. The thicker the muck gets the better it performs!

Thanks for reading the post, and I hope u catch a biggon on a frog in the near future. There is nothing like it!!

God Bless and Tight lines! (I guess loose lines for the frog bite would be more accurate lol)


Fred “Pug” Clements Fishing


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